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One Faith filled Lady, Christian blogger, India Chism

I’ve struggled with getting started on this blog for a while now. I’ve struggled to find the words to say, because you see I’m not new to blogging, I had a blog before. It was called “Living for Today”. It was my baby! I enjoyed writing and sharing my life, thoughts, and encouragement over there… but alas.. it ended. Not because I wanted it to but God did. A story that will unravel throughout these posts.

Who Am I?

I’m India, a new Christian blogger… well christian “mom” blogger to be correct. I’m a 34 year old newly, single, homeschooling mom of 2 amazing boys, 1 cute doggie, and 2 crazy kitties now living in the great Virginia state.

I love coffee but above all of that, I absolutely love Jesus and my whole desire is to live to glorify Him and for other people to know of His love. His love that saves me, that continues to refresh me. His reckless love that truly chases you down to rescue you.

As a Christian mom blogger, my desire for this blog is to reach many women and inspire them to draw near to God in every area of their lives, parenthood, homemaking, faith, work, entrepreneurial ventures, and whatever else God calls you to. It’s to encourage women to live purpose filled lives so that we can rise up when many times we want to stay down.

I pray that God uses this platform to meet ladies regardless of age. I pray to be transparent and vulnerable because I hope that my life and experiences may uplift and encourage even one lady. I want this space to be a community of women that encourage, uplift, and rise together.

Every season has it’s own challenges and it gets hard, sometimes a little hopeless. And with the rise of social media and the worldly opinions of who and/what us women should be or look like.. we often feel inadequate. Like we’re falling short.
‘Heck! Even the proverbs 31 chick makes us feel inadequate at times.

But I want you to know right now that, YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. Periodt!!! Just you! God loves you, just where you are, just as you are! YOU. ARE. PERFECT!

When I’m not here, you can find me over on my gram and, come say hello! I also have a YouTube channel called One Faith-filled Lady so feel free to come and say hi…

Many blessings…


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